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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls I'm very pleased to announce that I have moved to a brand new website:

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• BBC PYM6: Offline Editor Credits

Over the Christmas period I cut 6 episodes of the day time BBC2 series 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.' There are two more episodes left, one tomorrow and the last on Friday at 5:15pm. I think Friday's show is worth a watch just for my particular music choices throughout!

Each week the series sees two experts fight it out to make the most profit from buying and selling antiques over a week of challenges. My particular pairing this series saw the infamous Eric "Knocker" Knowles take on John "The Hammer" Cameron. You can catch all the episodes on the iPlayer for the next couple of days.
(For some reason the iPlayer has placed the BBC One logo on each programme but it's on BBC Two, trust me!)