• MP3 Advert Concept

This piece of artwork was inspired by two things. 1) A blocked shredder. 2) The Facebook appeal to get Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" to the 2009 Christmas No.1 Spot with MP3 sales alone (which was successful!) Whilst destroying old discs I managed to jam a shredder at work. After wrestling with it for a couple of minutes I managed to to retrieve the disc lodged in the shredder's teeth. That's when the concept came to me. After scribbling on the DVD and taking a couple of photos the disc was fully destroyed.


• Design Portfolio

Before setting up my blog I collected together all my designs and produced a small design portfolio in the style of a CD case booklet. I was inspired by the photo taken for the Nirvana "Nevermind" album cover. This photo was taken by my brother Josh in a swimming pool in the South of France and features on the front cover of my portfolio. If you would like a PDF version of my design work then please don't hesitate to get in contact tom_hill01@hotmail.com

Design Portfolio Front Cover:
Design Porfolio Front Cover

• Disturbance: Artwork

I was approached by an ex work colleague who goes by the DJ name of 'Caned n Unable' about producing some artwork for one of his club nights. The photo of the graffiti stencil (women's face) was taken by myself in Stroud Gloucestershire and was painted by the Graffiti Artist "Freshco" (scroll down for image.)

Disturbance Backlash Buxton Flyer:

A few months later I was contacted again to produce the artwork for his latest MP3 Mixtape release. I was asked to incorporate the image of the women again because he liked the image so much. In this case I experimented with a different texture using the repetition of the Lorem Ipsom placeholder text to create the effect.

Disturbance Flashbax Mixtape Artwork:
Stroud Graffiti Photo taken by myself:

• Buddhist Teachings: CD Artwork

In late 2008 I was approached by the owners of a buddhist retreat in Hereford to design 6 CD cases and CD surfaces. The CDs were then sold to visitors and participants of their retreat. The clients were both quite certain about what they wanted for the final product, supplying me with all the images and the fonts. Here is a selection of the final designs:

Peace to All Beings Front Cover:

Front Cover of P2AB
Medicine Buddha Meditation Back Cover:
Back of of Medicine Buddha Meditation English
Flowering of Love and Kindness CD Surface:

CD Surface of FLK

• Channel Lincolnshire Logo

In my first job out of University I worked for a company that developed the website www.channellincolnshire.co.uk

The concept was to produce a media hub of information for the people of Lincolnshire. As well as working on a number of video pieces that feature on the website I developed and designed the logo for the project's brand.

Initially the project was dubbed "c:Lincs" as an abbreviation, which is why it is featured in the initial design and video stings.

Initial Channel Lincolnshire Logo:

It was decided later on that the abbreviation should be removed. The eight different coloured spots were incorporated into the design so that each colour could represent a different genre of news on the website.

Final Channel Lincolnshire logo:


• Dialogix Corporate Logo

I was approached by the Managing Director of the consultancy company "Dialogix" to produce a new logo to rebrand the business with. In the preliminary stages of the design process I was given the brief that the logo should incorporate circles and the exact colour used.


• Treakz: Artwork

Through working on artwork for the band Dancing Lotus I was introduced to another Lincoln based artist Treakz. I approached him about producing some design work for his music persona. Treakz has used "The Gullables" logo to promote himself as an artist on t-shirts, Myspace, flyers and various other outlets.

Treakz Can:
Treacle Can Logo Concept
Treakz & The Gullables Logo:
Treakz and The Gullables
Treakz: Gullable EP Artwork
Treakz: The Gullables E.P.
Evil Treakz Face: (Alter Ego to the Gullable Face)

Evil Treakz 2

• Dancing Lotus Flyers

Here are a selection of flyers that I was commissioned to design for the band Dancing Lotus's various gigs:

Pillow Sessions Flyer 1:
Pillow Sessions Flyer February 2008
Engine Shed Flyer: Photography by Paul Emms
Dancing Lotus Engine Shed Flyer
Pillow Sessions Flyer 2:
Dancing Lotus: Pillow Sessions September 2008 Flyer
Pillow Sessions Flyer 3:
Dancing Lotus Mezz Bar 2
Pillow Sessions Flyer 3 Version 2:
Dancing Lotus Mezz Bar 1

• Dancing Lotus: Live Sessions Artwork

After the 'The Linc Up' was released a few of the artists that featured, formed the band Dancing Lotus. I was asked to design the artwork for a cardboard sleeve for their first album incorporating photography by Gary Bailey & Mark Palmer. This album has sold around 1000 copies across the UK.

Front Cover:
Front Cover: Dancing Lotus Live Sessions
Back Cover:
Back Cover: Dancing Lotus Live Sessions
CD Surface:
CD Sticker: Dancing Lotus Live Sessions

• The Linc Up: Artwork

During my years at Lincoln University, I was approached by a music producer and a close friend of mine to produce some artwork for his first release. Combining our skills with the photographer Mark Palmer we shot these images in the Lincoln University recording studio and I put the whole artwork together for this finished product:

Front Cover:

The Linc Up Front Cover
Back Cover:
The Linc Up Back Cover
CD Surface:
The Linc Up CD Sticker Artwork

• Video Showreel 2009

Here is a selection of my work over the last two years working for the web based broadcaster Channel Lincolnshire.co.uk and Reef Television.The music was supplied by Luke Billing.