• Empty Tube Carriages

These pictures were taken on one of my very boring tube rides back home, late on a Wednesday night. I have never had a whole carriage to myself for an entire journey from central to south London.
In the USA gangs mark their territories by throwing shoes up onto telephone wires and trees.

• Scream Tee Design

A couple of months ago I was approached by an old uni friend to create some t-shirt designs for her new Clothing Company. I had some designs stashed away for a rainy day for such an opportunity. When I reopened the files not so long ago I found that actually 95% of them were pretty awful! So I went back to the drawing board.
The stencil concept with the text texture was inspired by the artwork that I produced for the Disturbance Mixtape. However in this instance I wanted to use a bold, striking display of emotion in the person's face, which would turn heads in a crowd full of people. In order to soften such a striking image of the woman's scream I used the butterflies and the floral brushes which helped expand the piece. I also liked the idea that her scream was making these natural elements explode out from her expression.

Although she decided not to use the design, her feedback was extremely useful and I intend to develop the concept further at a later date.