• Robots

I started drawing these robot characters a couple of years ago. No idea why, probably out of boredom. That's where flying robot / blimpy came from.Photobucket
This particular character started off life as a 2D sketch.
After I messed around in Illustrator for a bit I decided to attempt a sketchy 3D look using the Trace ability.

• Grazed Egos: Remixed Video

This video contains tricks captured for 4 1/2 skate videos over roughly 5 years. In the beginning Jay and I shot on Hi8 tape and edited our first few videos with the analog camera attached to, two VHS decks and a mini disc player. We then made the glamorous leap to mini dvcam and imovie! We had officially gone digital!

In 2005 we released what was to be our best but last feature length skate video, Grazed Egos. I think we roughly sold 7 copies on VHS to mainly the people that featured in the video This was all before a wonderful little website called uchoobe. This little montage is for all the people I ever skated with.

Apologies for the quality of the video!