• The Be Nice Project Part II: Sneak Peak


In a bid to continue blogging throughout 2011, I thought it would be shameful to start the new year without a single post for the whole of January, considering I have posted a new entry at least once a month consecutively now for 13 months straight!

The theme for the second edition of The Be Nice Project is postcards. Just before Christmas I began contacting various friends, family and work colleagues to see if they wanted to contribute to the project by customising a blank template of the EggMan character.

Above is a sneak preview of one of my own which will feature on the TBNP website with as many customised EggMan postcards I can get my hands on.There will be a few other additions to this part of the project on website so watch this space.

Do you want to get involved? Here’s a link to the template: http://bit.ly/gHPOnj customise him however or with whatever you like as long as it’s nice! Then email him back to me @ tom_hill01@hotmail.com I will include all entries as long as they follow the one golden rule of BEING NICE!