• Fonica Cover Design: Issue 4

A couple of weeks ago Richard Chappellow (Editor of Fonica) posted a Facebook status requesting people to come up with a black and white design for the cover of Fonica issue 4. This is what I came up with. I've since named the character that features as: 'Toast.'
Richard asked to write a couple of paragraphs for the website on my inspiration of the design:

'I think the main inspiration for this piece was simply Fonica’s own clinical tidy appearance, which I do like. However I suddenly just felt an unruly need to spoil it’s neat and tidy look, even if only for a brief moment.

I do quite often find myself nonsensically doodling faces, characters or random shapes in the corner of a piece of paper. That’s precisely where this chap came from. I’m not quite sure why he decided to rip out and steal the letter “Z” though.'

You can read the entire magazine for free here: www.fonica.org.uk I'm also going to have a few printed copies soon so if anyone wants a hard copy give me a shout.

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