• Ferris Wheel

Vfestival 2011.

• Dancing Lotus wears Alberg & Austin

Lanre from Dancing Lotus was snapped wearing my Alberg & Austin bubbles T-shirt design at this years Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester over the weekend. Go listen to their tunes and check out the other Tees available over at Alberg & Austin.
(Photo from BBC Leicester's Facebook Profile.)

• "Send in the Jedi" - London Riots

I couldn't resist putting this together when I stumbled across this tumblr page via Twitter: Photoshoplotter.

(The original photo is owned by Reuters and I found it via the BBC News Website.)

• London Riots

Outside Foot Locker, Brixton.

I've got this lyric by Jehst stuck in my head. It's been a crazy few days in London.

• What do you think?

Just outside Testspace in Leeds.

• BBC PYM5: Offline Editor Credits

Today I finished editing my first ever full block of shows for the BBC series 'Dealers: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.' In total I ended up cutting 6 of the 30 episodes which are to be broadcast later on in the year. This series of PYM is the first to have ever been made in HD.

It's been a long Spring and Summer but I can't help but feel very proud that I’ve managed to get through it all and I’ve learnt so much working in a suite by myself or with an edit producer. When I look back at very early versions of my sequences I can’t help but think “What the hell was I doing there!?” and “Did I honestly think that particular edit works!?” Luckily I made time to correct all of these issues!

So why not look out for the series when it’s broadcast? It’s got my name on it after all!


• The Tech Show: Discovery Science

Earlier this year I worked on 'The Tech Show,' which is currently being broadcast on Discovery Science, on Fridays at 9:00pm. I was credited on all 25 30min episodes of the series as an Edit Assistant. I was also credited for working on the Russian version of the same series, which was interesting to say the least as I had never worked with any footage in a foreign language before.

The show, presented by Dr. Jack Lewis (Ph.D), features news about breakthroughs in technology, research, inventions and mysteries of the scientific world. There were quite a few cool gadgets featured in the series and I was also quite taken a back by some of the advancements in robot technology in a few of the episodes. (Nerd Alert!)

Check out the advert here: