• DJ Handbook: "Werds" Album Artwork

This album cover is the second piece of artwork I've designed for Jake AKA Handbook. (Click here to see my artwork for "All the Time.") 'Werds' is a collaboration project between Handbook and a various collection of rappers. You should all go and have listen to his work on Soundcloud if you haven't already. I can't help but compare his beats to something produced by DJ Premier.

Handbook proposed the idea of including an extreme close up of a mouth for this piece. So with that in mind I came up with the idea of making it seem like the mouth was leaking paint. Using some water, corn flour and various different colour food dyes I made up a couple of mixtures and with the help of Charlie Kirby and his camera we shot a whole series of photos.

Yes that's my mouth!

• Selfmade Pieces Avaliable on Etsy.

Early on this year I exhibited a few pieces at Fonica's SelfMade Exhibition in Leeds. Three of the four pieces are now available to purchase on Richard Chappelow's Etsy Page at a very modest price. Go have a look here. Here are a few of the pics of the pieces from the show:

• Britain's First Photo Album: BBC Offline Editor Credits

This week I finished editing two episodes of the new series 'Britain's First Photo Album,' which is going to be broadcast in the new year.

The series presented by John Sergeant, features a selection of photos from the pioneering Victorian photographer Sir Francis Frith and his team. Firth's extensive collection of photographs takes Mr. Sergeant all over the UK as he unfolds the significance of a selection Frith's images, whilst at the same time taking his own images of modern Britain.

I honestly found this series fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed editing my two episodes. It's worth seeking out and having a watch!

• Trash to Cash Series 3: BBC Credits

For the next two weeks Trash to Cash series 3 is on BBC 2 at 1:00pm. The series sees Mark Franks and Paul Hayes help out self confessed hoarders to clear their homes from clutter. This series was made quite a long time ago which is why I'm credited as an Edit Assistant on the 10 episodes.

I was also given the opportunity to spend the day as a location runner during a shoot day. I had a lot of fun mucking in with the rest of the crew on the production and it was interesting to watch how the show was shot.

• DJ Handbook: "All the Time" Artwork

I haven't designed an album cover for an artist in nearly two years. So I was very excited to collaborate with Jake Brown AKA Handbook to produce a piece for his album "All The Time," which he is going to self release on Monday (7/11/11.) You can hear a Mini Mix of the album on his Soundcloud page now.

I met Jake at Fonica's Self-Made exhibition which is where I became aware of his music. I initially approached him about working together and we started throwing various ideas around about what he wanted for this piece. We finally settled on a concept which included my 'Toast' character and a 'Maschine' / sampling deck which Jake uses to make his beats.

This album cover is actually the second piece I've designed for Handbook in the last couple of months. The other album is still being worked on and should be available in the near future so watch this space.

• HMP Gloucester Safety Custody Support Group Leaflet

I designed this leaflet almost a year ago and I had completely forgotten about it. My Mum asked me if I would be interested in designing the leaflet for HMP Gloucester as a favor for some of her colleagues who work on the suicide watch wing of the prison. This pamphlet is given to prisoners who are deemed to be at risk to themselves whilst they're serving their sentence.

Originally the Safer Custody Support Group had produced a leaflet in Word and were after something with a professional look in a PDF format that they could easily print and fold themselves. I was sent the old document along their logos, new ideas for layout and drawings from prisoners to be included in the piece. Here is the final product: